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Yalu is proud to be the Facilitating Partner for SCFC and we work closely with Ninti One to distribute funding on behalf of government to community-based services, and makes sure those services use the funding properly.

SCfC is a place-based community development program that aims to give Yol\u children and young people the best possible start in life. It does this through safer families and communities, nurturing educational environments, positive participation opportunities and cultural events that help young people to grow up strong, healthy and confident.

The project approach has been to ensure that local communities have a real say in local decision-making, including what services they need and how they are delivered.


SCFC aims to give children and young people a clear and healthy pathway through their early life, by:

  • Strengthening family’s ability to take care of children and young people

  • Providing opportunities to participate in cultural events

  • Supporting children to be ready for school

  • Building community’s ability to lead, plan and prioritise services that children and families need

  • Building the capacity of Indigenous organisations to deliver services

Our Indigenous Parenting Program is a beneficiary and outcome of the SCFC program.  





Our program explores and support all aspects of Yol\u life and how we connect with the world around us. 

Our Yol\u Seasons program looks at the seven seasons in the Yol\u calendar as a base for interactive activities including land and environmental maintenance, seasonal harvests, traditional medicines and bush food to gathering traditional knowledge of song lines and names of the wind direction and animals live in the land and sea, how everything belongs to land and sea and to different clan groups.

Yolngu Seasons

Meet The Team

Shane Dhawa Bukulatjpi

Hannah Gondarra

Brendan Dhamarrandji

Stephanie Ngangalalawuy Gondarra



Women's Program

The focus of the Women’s djalkirri program is to support the women of Galiwinku to maintain and develop their wellbeing, nurture women and children, and to increase oportunities to access cultural activities. The team provide opportunities to engage in ceremony, spend time in the bush, and pass on knowledge.

Women program is to help the  young women's to learn how will they proctor them self in matters personal women needs.

  •  Melkarri ( cry and sing all the creation that we see )

  • connect with young women 

  • Weaving & Necklace

  • Learning Bush Medicine

  • Connect with baby hub & Miwatj for smoking ceremony for baby and the mother

  • women's Raypirri rom

  • Feed bush food form those that are under weight baby and help them to regrow to be a healthy baby

  • visit Aged Care for Yarning

Meet The Team

Rosanne Djandi Ganambarr

Joan Malku Dhamarrandji



Men's Djalkiri

The focus of the Men’s djalkirri program is to support the men of Galiwinku to maintain and develop their wellbeing, stay connected to their culture, land and water, and to improve community safety by supporting men to reconnect with culture.

Our programs explore aspects of culture in Djalkiri ( Foundation) focusing on who we are and where we come from. It is to identify our self through our culture and to teach our kids for the future as they will will be the future leaders for their generation.

Men's Djalkirir (foundation) is footprints in times that you can learn from the dusk beneath you because we know every rock, roots, vein, trees and branches. When the seeds drops down to the ground we nurture our seeds and rise again. 



The Men's Djalkirri Program interweaves the following foundations;

  • Cultural training/education

  • Giving principles to our children through cultural awareness 

  • Classifying our kids in terms of Yolngu wisdom of who they are and where we come from

  •  Following the lore in Yolngu oath

  • Teaching song lines

  • Raypirri Rom

  • Spear Making

  • Hunting - Or collect bush Materials 

Meet The Team

Healing & wellbeing program

The focus of the healing and well-being team is to involve the people in activities about song lines, bu\gul (dance), bush medicines and \atha (food), dhäruk (language), weaving and gurrutu (kinship) to pass on their knowledge.

This community engagement program aims to strengthen Yol\u traditions by passing it onto the next generation whilst improving healing and well-being.

The focus of the healing and well-being team is to involve children in activities about bush medicines and ŋatha (food), dhäruk (language), gurrutu (kinship), to pass on their knowledge. This program works in the school and community to strengthen traiditions by passing it on to the next generation, sharing Yolŋu knowledge and improving wellbeing in the process.

Meet The Team

Margaret Mayulwuy Ganambarr

Fiona Burarrwanga

Lisa Bukulatjpi




Shane Dhawa Bukulatjpi

Hannah Gondarra

Brendan Dhamarrandji

Stephanie Ngangalalawuy Gondarra



Youth Based Program


Our Youth Based program combines three key programs including; Health & Well-Being, Raypirri Rom and Yol\u Seasons programs are is delivered with a focus on bringing Yol\u cultural knowledge to the forefront of minds of Yol\u  youth.


The Youth Based Program interweaves the following foundations;

  • Social:  inter-clan relationships, marriage protocols, caring for people who may have sickness, mental health issues or a disability.

  • Economical:  harvesting seasons, bush medicines and ŋatha (food) preparation and distribution and environment and land management.

  • Personal: Raypirri (Self-Discipline), Gurrutu (Understanding their Family Tree), ceremonial discipline, healing medicine

  • Cultural: Matha (languages), Song lines, weaving and kinship to pass on their knowledge, dhäruk (communication), bunggul (dance)

Meet The Team

Manuel Dhurrkay

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