What is Kinship Carer?

Our program works with Yolŋu families to keep children within their family homes or with close family. 


We work specifically on a grass roots level in Galiwinku community to connect families with the necessary services to keep children within their family homes.  

The program also identifies and develops Yolŋu families to qualify to become foster carers to maintain kinship connections and cultural practices.

What is indigenous Parenting servic?

Our program supports parents and families to look after their children in a culturally safe environment while trying different methods of parenting practice. 


At our program parents can relax in a safe place with other mothers, do some cooking, learn at our education workshop, go on bush trips and much more! We support mothers on how to look after their children and empower them to feel proud of being a strong mother.

Our program includes;

  • Parenting practices from Yolŋu and western philosophies, 

  • Healing and well-being in the community

  • Health and hygiene

  • Cultural awareness program

  • Camping

  • Engaging with community stakeholders and services

  • Courses to young mother through Bachelor College and Charles Darwin University on literacy and numeracy and early childhood nutrition and also takes also take camps out on country teaching and learning together responsibility and gurrutu (kinship) connection on Yolŋu system.

what is Family Support Service?

Our Yolŋu team will be working with families across communities of  Galiwinku, Milingimbi, Gapuwiyak and Ramingining and their homelands to support families that have been referred to the FSS and will support them on a case management model.

Family support involves providing support and assistance to families to: 

  • help them keep their children safe, at home 

  • reunify children in care with their birth family 

  • support pregnant mothers to grow up healthy and safe children 

  • Include the positive involvement of men as fathers to build and strengthen their connection with their children. 


Family support involves two primary forms of service and support: 

  • providing practical support in the family home and in families’ daily lives to help them build parenting skills and maintain a safe environment for children to grow up at home 

  • Connecting and referring families to the services they need and supporting their progress towards success

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Meet The Team

Galiwinku Team


Verna Wunungmurra 


Jasmine Yunupingu.jpg

Jasmine Yunupingu

Team leader


Tom Wunungmurra

Team leader

Mitchell Garawirrtja.jpg

Mitchell Garawirrtja 

Support worker

Cameron Dhurrkay.jpg

Cameron Dhurrkay

Support worker


Quintina Dhurrkay 

Support Work

Joanne Dhurrkay.jpg

Joanne Dhurrkay

Support Work

Lindsayanna James.jpg

Lindsayanna James

Support Work

Ramangining Team

Untitled design-2.png

Charlie Durrurrnga 

Support worker

Untitled design-3.png

Sophia Gaykamangu 

Support Worker

Milingimbi Team

Melita Lewis 

support worker

Coming soon

Sylvia Garawirrtja 

Support worker

Coming soon

Ada Wunungmurra 

Supoort worker

Coming soon

Joey Wunungmurra 

Support worker

Coming soon

Gapuwiyak Team

Edmond Guyula 

Support  worker

Coming soon

Eunice Wunungmurra 

Support Worker

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