Raypirri Program

Our Raypirri Program is a school-based program working with all ages teaching ideal behaviours focused around Yol\u respect and discipline. We look at traditional disciplinary methods to teach youth people about cultural integrity, self discipline, culturally appropriate behaviour towards others using the kinship system, dance, song and Rom (law). 

The program has been running for over five years and has been evolving in response to community needs.

In the last year, the team has developed great skills around working with children at the school and coordinating with teachers and other stakeholders about organising and implementing programs.

Our work focuses closely with children needing additional support to get to the core of their behaviour where they need support.

Meet The Team

Joan Malku Dhamarrandji

Yvonne Latati Bukulatjpi

Dorothy Bukulatjpi

Rosaanna Djandi Ganambarr

Evelyin Djotja Bukulatjpi

Shaun Dhamarrandji

Tom Wunungmurra

Brendan Dhamarrandji

Shane Dhawa Bukulatjpi

James Gurruwiwi

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