About Research

Yalu works with research partners such as Charles Darwin University, Menzies School of Health research and Australian Red Cross on community research which informs our own and the service previsions of other organisations within the community. 

This allows a evidence based responses to community needs, informing and enabling our programs as well as other community services to constantly evolve to suit changing community circumstances.

Our unique approach and has resulted in Yalu being central to the community development of Galiwin’ku.

We work with a wide range of organisations and individuals if you would like to work with us please get in touch.


Repatriation:  bringing home the mangu samples

The Australian National University along with Yalu Aboriginal Corporation have been working together with the community of Galiwunku to culturally repatriate 1,200 blood samples collected during the 1960s and 1970s after a typhoid outbreak.

Consultation began in 2018 between the National Centre for Indigenous Genomics NCIG and the people of Galiwin’ku with Yalu as the community led organisation on a joint plan for the future management and use of the samples which will return to the island in November 2019 for repatriation.  

The Remote Engagement Coordination 

 Indigenous Evaluation Research project (2016-2017)

This project was funded by the NTG Department of Housing and Community Development. Yalu’ researchers and advisors worked collaboratively with CDU researchers on this project. During Stage 1 of the project, Yalu’ researchers spoke to elders and community members, learning about what good engagement is in Galiwin’ku. During Stage 2, Yalu’ and CDU researchers worked together to develop processes for giving feedback to government on their engagement and coordination activities. This is so that Yolngu and government staff can work together better for the benefit of Galiwin’ku and new generations of young people.

Helping and Caring, not only our family: NT Indigenous Perspectives on Volunteering

This project was funded by the Australian Red Cross. Yalu’ and CDU researchers worked together to sit with elders and learn about what volunteering means for Yolngu in Galiwin’ku, and to learn about how Australian Red Cross might work together with Yolngu elders and community members to develop more opportunities for volunteering work.

International Conference on Language Studies iCLS 2017, Kuching Malaysia

In August 2017, Rosemary Gundjarranbuy, Mirrmirryun Beulah Munyarryun (Mimi) and myself flew to Kuching via Singapore to attend an international conference with Wendy Kennedy, Manager of the CDU Adult Literacy and Numeracy team and Lorraine Sushames, the CDU VET, LLN Business Development Manager. We attended at the invitation of the Dean of the Faculty of Language and Communication Professor Ambigapathy Pandian at the University of Malaysia.