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Kindness Corporate Award

Volatile Substance Abuse Education

A story about Sniffing & Volatile Substance Abuse - Nhuman Ga Nhä Mala Yätjkurr

Yakka Gambling  

Cyril Bukulatjpi is interviewing Tom Wunungmurra about what is a gambling and why do you play card. 

Respectful Behaviours

This is a booklet of Expect Respect to understand how to give respect to words women

Kinship Carer

Kinship carer - How does the Kinship Carer Benefit the child

Kinship carerIn Yolngu Matha

Kinship carer - How Does Kinship Carer Benefits the Broader Family

Kinship carer - How does the Kinship Carer "Benefits The Carer

Kinship carer is a person that look after vulnerable child within their kinship carer system:gurrutumirr yothuw djägamirr

Refers to the placement of children with relatives (kin), with persons without a blood relation but who have a relationship with the child or family, or with persons from the child's or family's community.

This is the  Yalu Family and Children Services team

Stronger Communities For Children

Yalu Aboriginal Corporation runs cultural camp programs called Raypirri in a beautiful and remote part of East Arnhem Land called Galiwin'ku.


The team and children collaboratively created this music video to demonstrate the amazing Yolngu culture.

This is Yalu Raypirri cultural program

This short video was presented at a conference in Alice Springs to demonstrate the programs and activities that we do in our community called Galiwinku.


Cultural Rom (Aboriginal lore) is embedded into every program that are designed to support all the Djamarrkuli (children), youth

This is a Yalu and Learning On Country collaboration 

This is a story about Yolŋu and Balanda medicine

Research - Birthing On Country

Charles Darwin University and the Australian Doula College have proudly partnered with Yalu to deliver Yolŋu djäkamirr training in Galiwinku.


A djäkamirr is an Indigenous Doula- childbirth companion. A Yolŋu djäkamirr is skilled in providing cultural, emotional and spiritual support to Yolŋu women during childbirth. They are very  valuable. This is a Yalu, Birthing On Country, Molly Wardaguga Research Centre and Australian Doula College collaboration.