Youth Based Program

Our Youth Based program combines three key programs including; Health & Well-Being, Raypirri Rom and Yol\u Seasons programs are is delivered with a focus on bringing Yol\u cultural knowledge to the forefront of minds of Yol\u  youth.


Across the three programs we draw on the Yol\u philosophy of interconnectedness. With a birds eye view,  we cater to each area of our youths' lives teaching them about gurrutu (kinship), wanga (land), manikay (song) and bunggul (dance), different seasons and how they are part of Yol\u life as well as traditional medicine and healing methods.​

The Youth Based Program interweaves the following foundations;

  • Social:  inter-clan relationships, marriage protocols, caring for people who may have sickness, mental health issues or a disability.

  • Economical:  harvesting seasons, bush medicines and ŋatha (food) preparation and distribution and environment and land management.

  • Personal: Raypirri (Self-Discipline), Gurrutu (Understanding their Family Tree), ceremonial discipline, healing medicine

  • Cultural: Matha (languages), Song lines, weaving and kinship to pass on their knowledge, dhäruk (communication), bunggul (dance)

Meet The Team

Manuel Dhurrkay

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