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Indigenous Parenting Services

Supporting our young parents


Our program supports parents and families to look after their children in a culturally safe environment while trying different methods of parenting practice. 


At our program parents can relax in a safe place with other mothers, do some cooking, learn at our education workshop, go on bush trips and much more! We support mothers on how to look after their children and empower them to feel proud of being a strong mother.

Our program includes;

  • Parenting practices from Yolŋu and western philosophies, 

  • Healing and well-being in the community

  • Health and hygiene

  • Cultural awareness program

  • Camping

  • Engaging with community stakeholders and services

  • Courses to young mother through Bachelor College and Charles Darwin University on literacy and numeracy and early childhood nutrition and also takes also take camps out on country teaching and learning together responsibility and gurrutu (kinship) connection on Yolŋu system.

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