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Yalu deliver all the below services in Galiwinku, and with our outposted Yolngu staff in Milingimbi, Ramingining and Gapuwiyak. The program includes kinship finding and carer assessments, reunification of children back to family and culture, and family support for vulnerable families at risk.  The program is holistic and provides wrap-around-services.


Our program works with Yolŋu families to keep children within their family homes or with close family. 


We work specifically on a grass roots level in Galiwin'ku community to connect families with the necessary services to keep children within their family homes.  

The program also identifies and develops Yolŋu families to qualify to become foster carers to maintain kinship connections and cultural practices.

For all inquiries please 

         Email us:
         Phone:            08 89879259

         Opening hrs:  Monday–Friday: 8:30am–4.30pm

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