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About Us

The founders of Yalu Marnggithinyaraw Indigenous Corporation. From left to right: Elaine Lawurrpa Bukulatjpi, Elaine Guymun Dhamarrandji, Rosemary Gundjarrangbuy Garrawurra and Dorothy Yungirrnga Bukulatjpi.


Yalu Marngginthiny Indigenous Corporation

The History 

Yalu Marnggithinyaraw Indigenous Corporation is Yalu's original identity prior to our rebranding in 2019.

In 2002, the concept of Yalu Marnggithinyaraw Indigenous Corporation was created, However it wasn't until 2006 that Yalu Marnggithinyaraw Indigenous Corporation was established as it gained its first lot of funding. This  allowed Yalu to come to life and begin working with our Community, Universities and research organisation's to facilitate research programs focused on the Yolngu way of life.


From 2006 - 2019, have now grown into a nurturing center providing employment and services across Galiwin'ku. For more information on Yalu Marnggithinyaraw Indigenous Corporation please refer to CDU's documentation "The Yalu Story". 

The Rebranding of Yalu

In 2019, Yalu Marnggithinyaraw Indigenous Corporation was rebranded as Yalu Aboriginal Corporation. The initial process of Rebranding began in 2019 however was not finalized until 2020


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