Yalu Education

These are Educational Resources created by Yalu for everyone's use.

Yakka Gambling

This educational booklet explains What is Gambling? Why Do people Play Card Games? and why is Gambling an issue.

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Respectful Behaviours

This is a booklet of to teach Yolngu Dhiramu (Men) What is respect and How to understand to give respect towards all Miyalk (Women). 

In this Educational Video, Yalu Media Officer Cyril Bukulatjpi is interviewing Tom Wunungmurra.

 Tom is one of our Support Workers and Board Directors, Answering such as What is a gambling? Why do yolngu play cards? and What are the affects on community.

Volatile Substance Abuse

A story about Sniffing & Volatile Substance Abuse - Nhuman Ga Nhä Mala Yätjkurr

Kinship Carer Services

Kinship Carer is a person that look after vulnerable child within their kinship Carer system: gurrutumirr yothuw djägamirr

Refers to the placement of children with relatives (kin), with persons without a blood relation but who have a relationship with the child or family, or with persons from the child's or family's community.

This is the  Yalu Family and Children Services team